Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A continuation. Less delicious.


Asday: "Hey look, I will write some code."
CPU: "OHHAI, I'M GTK+, HOPE YOU DIDN'T NEED TO USE ME ImportError ImportError ImportError ImportError ImportError."
Asday: "PyGame! I choose you!"
CPU: "Enjoy wrestling with graphics.
*fun ensues*


Just added a short selection block that checks if a path exists before progressing, and discovered that I haven't allowed the ":" symbol in path names.

I can see where that will fall down.

Anyway, with that fixed, it's time to discover whether I can change window size or not. :3 If I can't, this might get messy.


Ok, just managed to change the window size (I think), but it's a little hacky. As evidenced by the epilepsy-inducing flashing, and general deathly throes.


Ok, kinda hit a brick wall here; so I've asked the internet, and I'm waiting on some pointers.

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